Test Agreement: CAT/5

1. I have read the “CAT/5 Info” page on our site and I understand the primary purpose of the test.

2. As the teacher, I’ll be testing either a full-time home-schooled student or a private school student.

3. My homeschool complies with any local or state regulations. The test will be given by a person allowed by any state regulations. Many states allow the teacher (who is typically the parent) to administer the test(s).

4. Test materials will be kept in a secure place at all times. Test-takers will not be left alone with any test materials.

5. Tests will be administered in accordance with instructions. Tests for grades 1-12 are reusable & each test has a separate answer sheet.

6. Confidentiality of test contents will be maintained. Test materials will not be copied and copyright restrictions will be honored.

7. All test materials will be placed back in the mail, securely and in good condition, by the end of my test week.

8. I am responsible for the cost of postage when returning my test materials to Thurber’s Educational Assessments.

9. I am purchasing the service, not the test materials. I agree to rent (not buy) the test for the scheduled test week & then to return the test material without delay. If the test is not used, all materials are to be returned immediately.

10. Test materials have been previously used and will be used again by other students. Test materials for ALL grades are to be kept clean and free of any marks your students may have made. A charge is made for materials damaged and returned unusable.

11. Deadlines: Notify TEA if your test materials have not been delivered to you at least one week in advance of your test week, to provide time to trace your package. Notify TEA if you have not received test results within 6 weeks of returning your test materials. Any matters regarding test results must be addressed to TEA within 30 days of receipt of test results.

12. TEA cannot be responsible for shipping or scoring losses, or delays out of our control. Keep a photocopy of the completed Answer Sheet (never copy the actual test booklet).

13. New Policies as of 2012: All tests are nonconsumable booklets, which require students to mark answers on a separate answer sheet. The publisher, CTB McGraw-Hill is no longer scoring CAT/5 tests. Consequently, the CAT/5 no longer provides the Objective Performance Index (mastery levels). Test results are computer generated.  CAT/5 is normed ’91.

14. Partial refunds or future credit may be given on an individual basis. Early cancellation results in a minimum restocking fee of $12 per student. There will be no refunds given for late cancellation (once the shipping process has begun). This is due to clerical & shipping costs, restocking fees, and maintaining test security.

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