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CAT/5 (California Achievement Test

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  • Price of $40 (per student per test) includes shipping to you!
  • No college degree required to administer test
  • Computer-generated scores included (1991 Norms)
  • Complete Battery available for grades 1 -12
  • Survey available for grades 2 – 12
  • Please note that the publisher no longer scores the CAT/5 and therefore the test results will look different. National Percentiles, Stanines, & Grade Equivalents will be provided. For the Complete Battery only: the Objective Performance Scores (mastery levels) are no longer available.


Which test form should I choose?  (Complete Battery vs. Survey)
The CAT/5 test comes in two forms, the Complete Battery and the Survey. It is a paper-and-pencil test and all answers are marked on a separate answer sheet. Both are nationally standardized achievement tests that include the subjects of reading, language, math, spelling, vocabulary and the optional Social Studies and Science tests which your state may or may not require. Both are based on 1991 norms and provide the same statistical information such as national percentile, grade equivalent and national stanines. Both forms may be administered by the homeschool teacher (know your state’s regulations) and both meet North Carolina requirements.

The CAT/5 Complete Battery
-Available for Grades K-12
-Takes approximately 5 ½ hours (can be spread over several days)
-Has twice as many questions as the Survey.

The CAT/5 Survey
-Available for Grades 2-12
-Takes approximately 2 ½ hours (can be spread over a couple of days) -Has half as many questions as the Complete Battery
-May be helpful for young, less-experienced or first-time test takers and may reduce test anxiety.
-May also be a better choice for a student with a shorter attention span, because each test subject can be completed in less than 20 minutes.

Selecting the right test grade for your student
Normally you will order the grade in which the student has been progressing during the past six months or so. For example: for a student recently starting the 4th grade, order a third grade test; for a 4th grader mid-way through the 4th grade curriculum, you would order a 4th grade test and so on.

Practice tests
Practice tests are used to acquaint students (and perhaps less experienced test examiners), with the multiple-choice question format. Additionally they can help reduce test anxiety and tension, as well as help students gain confidence in their test-taking abilities.  Allow about 30 – 40 minutes to administer. Practice tests are available with any test order.

Choosing the appropriate test level for your 1st or 2nd Grader
There are two different First Grade tests, which are called Level 10 and Level 11.  Consider giving the 1st grade Level 10 test if the student is not yet reading very well or has a shorter attention span. If the student stumbles over reading, sounds out most words, and is just a slower reader, then the 1st grade Level 10 is the right test.

Grade 1, Level 10 (early reader)
Total work time 1 ½ hours; 4 subject categories, each taking about 22 minutes. Reading skills: mostly sight words or phrases; some sentences 5 or 6 words long. Math skills: no computation, just pictorial math.

Grade 1, Level 11 (intermediate to advanced reader)
Total work time 3 ¾ hours (can be spread over several days); 9 subjects, each up to 33 minutes long (requires longer attention span). Reading skills: some sentences up to 8 – 10 words; more reading needed in other subject areas. Math skills: has computation including some double-digit addition and subtraction.

Grade 2, Level 12
Total work time is 4 ½ hours for the Complete Battery form (can be spread over several days); 10 subjects. Reading skills: longer reading passages; contractions & compound words. Math skills: double-digit addition & subtraction including regrouping. Total work time for the Grade 2 Survey form is 2 ½ hours and it covers the same subjects as the Complete Battery.

The CAT/5 test (1991) compared with earlier editions (1970, 1986)
When a publisher sets about to develop a new edition, they analyze curriculum materials presently being used across the country. This provides the publishers with a comprehensive view of the common educational goals that are guiding the teachers’ instruction of students. Test questions are then constructed that would demonstrate the students’ ability to apply concepts and skills that will reflect achievement in the specific subjects. Most home schools utilize recent curricula. Hence, the more recent edition will more accurately indicate the students’ achievement.

When to order tests
After choosing your test grade and your test week, proceed next to place your order. Order at least 2 weeks ahead of your test week. Many schools and teachers order 8 -10 weeks ahead. This assures availability of supplies and your choice of test week. No orders are taken by telephone, as a signed agreement is required.  

What you will receive from us..

  • A Student Test Booklet for each grade level you ordered
  • Directions for Administering Booklet(s)
  • Answer Sheet (Each test, grades K- 12 has a separate answer sheet for the student’s answers)
  • “Suggested Testing Schedule”
  • “Step-by-Step” – our guide to help you administer the test

By the end of your test week, all test materials are returned to us for scoring– test materials are on loan to you. Test results are usually mailed to you within 1 – 2 weeks.

CAT/5 Test Results
CAT/5 orders depend on Thurber’s Educational Assessments to provide a computer generated printout, using the publisher’s norming statistics (including National Percentiles, Stanines & Grade Equivalents). The CAT/5 Complete Battery student report can no longer include the Objective Performance Index (OPI)— mastery skills. The comprehensive Student Report includes norm-referenced results comparing how well each student did compared with other students in the nationally normed groups.  The report includes information such as: National Percentiles, National Stanines & Grade Equivalents, in statistical and graph form.

If you want information on mastery levels within the subject (OPI), please order the “TerraNova 2″ test.  Additionally, if you have a 3rd-grade student and you would like them to write answers in the book, please order the 3rd-grade “TerraNova 2″ test (publisher-scored).


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